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Drew Shima from Blue Exorcist. I’m thinking of drawing more fanart from other series I like on top of my Naruto comics :)


"I’m not some weak little girl anymore."


Whether old fan or new, Classic or Crystal, comic or animation, musical or tokusatsu, we are all fans of the story of the pretty soldier in a sailor suit.

We all are fans. Don’t let anyone tell you differently depending on which adaptation you prefer.



im laughing cause they look like a 90’s boyband


the backstroke boys

x Free! x

So, I got a new puppy…

x Gintama x

Here’s the cover to the summer doujinshi I plan to do. A Kakashi Gaiden era story.

I love doing beach type stories for the summer.

Their outfits are a bit inspired by the outfits Lee, Naruto and Sakura from the 3rd Naruto movie.

The 1st page should be posted in the coming days. Planning to post some other things too.

Hope everyone looks forward to it and everyone is having a great summer


"He has a stereo, a computer, and a lot of other expensive stuff. I figure maybe he found them all piece by piece in junk stores. A lot of kids write in and ask if Arnold is really rich. It’s more like he’s just creative."

I haven’t seen this article since forever.


Here’s a nice peice that unfortunately never made it to the screen. I think the studio lost the bid after making this fantastic test, thats just the way it goes sometime.”
-Brent Forrest 

Wow, I never knew this existed! I would of loved this if they ever made it.